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Authorized Trygg Chain Distributor for Truck, Loader, Grader and Skidder Chains.  Heavy duty chains, ultimate traction and trouble-free operation.


Our tire chains are for all types of applications. From light chains with a high level of comfort via conventional studded chains with square links, to floating diamond pattern chains for heavy machinery and the most difficult of conditions.

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Our construction chains are designed to endure high stress. Custom heat treatment and metal alloys ensure maximum lifetime of the TRYGG construction chains.

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Our forestry chains are known for their superior grip and long lifetime. TRYGG forestry chains are offered in a broad variety of patterns and dimensions.

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The spectrum of TRYGG tire chains for tractors covers all purposes from roading, to forestry, and everything in between. Designed for both professional and hobby use. TRYGG tractor chains are the most flexible chains on the market. Shortening or extension of tire chains has never been easier.

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Pick-up / car

TRYGG tire chains for pick-ups and cars are delivered with 5mm up to 8mm dimensions or more!

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Our forklift chains can be delivered with suds or with square links without studs, which is gentle of concrete floors.

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Our ATV chains are delivered in 5.5 or 6mm dimensions. Studs on every other link ensure a high ground pressure and improved grip.

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