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Our construction chains are designed to endure high stress. Custom heat treatment and metal alloys ensure maximum lifetime of the TRYGG construction chains.


The SMT Standard is a traction chain for farming, forestry, construction and snow clearing with excellent traction, smooth riding, and trouble free operation! All SMT versions have oversized studs to increase grip and strength. Unlike the SMT flexi, these chains are made to fit unique tire sizes with no extra adjustments necessary on new tires. Tightening rail is standard for 55 profile and lower and is available for all other tire dimensions as an option. Chain tightener is recommended for installation of heavy chains.


The Grouser is the ultimate in snow-clearing traction with operating comfort. This durable chain is designed to be used on paved roads and can handle anything from mountain passes to bike paths. The drop forged grousers are formed after the 9,5mm links to prevent them from lying down. They are wide and rounded underneath to avoid tire-damage.


The Safety Grip square link chain is used for snow clearing, and construction. This chain is made of square link chain. It is hardened twice to achieve the desired quality and extended lifetime. The TRYGG Safety Grip can and should be used on both sides. Good driving comfort, durability and lightweight are its strengths. It is well suited for machines with little space between the wheels and fenders. Tightening chain is standard. Available in 8mm, 10mm, and 11.5mm thickness. We recommend use of our chain tightener when mounting heavier chains.


The Beaver is a traction chain offering tire protection for construction and forestry use. It has a tight pattern made up of heavy drop forged grousers and 13mm rings! The three square studs on each of the grousers prolong life and offer enhanced traction. The low link profile allows the chain to fit machines with narrow space between tires and fenders.


The FLG is a construction chain that is well suited for loaders and graders with 11mm or 13mm link dimensions and oversized studs. The FLG is a quality chain made by Nosted Groups factory in Lithuania. The technology is German and based on 100 years of experience in chain making.