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The spectrum of TRYGG tire chains for tractors covers all purposes from roading, to forestry, and everything in between. Designed for both professional and hobby use. TRYGG tractor chains are the most flexible chains on the market. Shortening or extension of tire chains has never been easier.


The light tractor chains are made with robust chain on the tire surface matched with extra light side straps and side chains. The whole assembly is made with the finest steel using a hardening process that toughens the chain, resulting in an extremely well suited “road running chain”.


The SMT Flexi is available in 8 and 9.5mm chain. This is an all around tractor chain! The user may easily tailor the chain to a perfect fit without the need of any tools! The chain will fit perfectly on all brands as well as new and worn tires. All SMT Flexi chains are produced of steel alloys with boron, nickel, chrome, and manganese. The studs are oversized to improve grip and prolong chain life. Hardened hooks and side chains are standard. Flexibility combined with reliable strength. The Flexlink makes it possible to adjust the side chain without tools. Chain tightener is recommended for heavy chains. Tightening rail is available as an option.


The Swiss comes in two sizes, 8mm or 11.5mm rectangular chain reinforced with extra cross-links and wear-bars welded on. The Swiss combines comfort of a light chain with strength of a conventional snow chain. It is our newly developed, very aggressive rectangular chain with studs “everywhere” with a superior grip and a long lifetime. Each chain is made to fit several tire sizes. The length must be adjusted according o the instruction when mounting the first time. Use of a cutting disc may be necessary.


The SMT Standard is a traction chain for farming, forestry, construction and snow clearing with excellent traction, smooth riding, and trouble free operation! All SMT versions have oversized studs to increase grip and strength. Unlike the SMT flexi, these chains are made to fit unique tire sizes with no extra adjustments necessary on new tires. Tightening rail is standard for 55 profile and lower and is available for all other tire dimensions as an option. Chain tightener is recommended for installation of heavy chains.